The AYSO EXTRA program is a competitive soccer league designed to provide

a higher level of play for those players who possess the appropriate skills, abilities, and drive. 

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SPRING EXTRA Tryouts are at the same time as All Star Tryouts Nov 8 and 15

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Please ensure email address on tryout form is correct as notifications will be sent to that address.  

What is AYSO Extra?

AYSO Extra is a competitive soccer program with its own inter-regional gaming circuit designed to provide a more challenging level of play for those players who possess the appropriate interest, skills and abilities necessary to compete at a higher level.

Why is AYSO Extra a better option than club soccer for competitive players?

1.    Low cost less than half the cost of a club program.

2.    Everyone Plays no one sits on the bench, players play at least 1/2 of the game.

3.    Best of Breed Trainers to help players better develop their technical skills, tactical abilities and fitness.

4.    Player Development  setting a clear path to help players achieve realistic goals and realize their potential while having fun and learning the game of soccer.

5.    Positive Coaching certified, experienced and knowledgeable coaches who are positive, instructive and encouraging with the players.

6.    Well Trained Quality Referees who are mindful of player safety and who referee for the love of the game, not a paycheck.

For more info click here or email extra@ayso69.org