How to Schedule Yourself to Referee in Region 69

1. Register yourself on the scheduling website (a different registration than with AYSO or with Region 69)

2. Once registered you will be able to schedule yourself for games as a center referee, an assistant referee or as a mentor (if approved by the RRA)

3. To see those games, log onto the web-site using your user name and password (did I mention they are case sensitive?).

4. When you click the button "View Records," the available games that meet your search parameters will be displayed. The following illustration shows what the results of a search might look like:

This is how your search results are displayed

You can sign up for any game as a center referee, AR1, AR2 ,or Mentor (if approved by RRA).

5. Click the radio button next to the position you desire.  As you click - the word ADD will appear in those slots.

6. Your request will be reviewed and approved by a Division Referee Captain or Referee Administrator.

7. The system will credit each of your player's teams with the games you referee, assuming that you listed each of those team numbers correctly when you registered on the scheduling website.

8. If, after you submit a game request, an emergency arises and you cannot do a game which you requested, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.

Now, here are some guidelines and important facts for you to know: