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Region 69 is committed to upholding AYSOís mission which is to develop and deliver a quality youth soccer program where everyone builds positive character through participation in a fun, family environment based on these six fundamental principals:  Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship, and Player Development.  In order to do this, we need all families to read, understand and agree with our Registration Agreement.  Your e-signature on the Player Registration Form confirms that that you have done so.


REGION 69 IS A 100% VOLUNTEER RUN ORGANIZATION.  To maintain our program, we require approximately as many parent volunteers as players, and therefore we strongly encourage each family to be responsible for at least one of the tasks.  These tasks are listed in the Volunteer Descriptions in the Regionís priority of need. 


Willingness of a family to accept responsibility to perform a higher priority task could be a factor in determining participant versus waiting list status should there be a need to limit registration of players due to a lack of sufficient volunteers (especially coaches and referees) or field space.   Indicate your choices of the online Player and Volunteer registration forms.


TEAM BALANCE.  Since Team Balance is one of the fundamental principals of AYSO, we cannot honor player requests.  In the younger divisions, we do attempt to place another player from your community on your team if possible.  You may only request one day on which your child cannot practice.  Use this request only if absolutely necessary, as too many practice day conflicts from too many families make it very difficult to form balanced teams, and may result in your child being placed on the waiting list.



1.   I have not registered my child(ren) to play in any other AYSO Region for the Fall 2015 Season.

2.   I understand that my child is placed in a division according to the AYSO National Rules and is based on his/her birthday, verified by birth certificate or other proof of age.  Moving up a division is at the discretion of the Regional Commissioner.

3.   I understand that requests for certain coaches or teammates will not be accepted.  Only the head coach is guaranteed of having his/her child on his/her team.

4.   I understand that the region sets the day, time, and location of practices, and that my child is not guaranteed a certain day, time, or location.  I will be notified of the practice schedule when the season begins in September.

5.   I understand that no switching of teams shall be permitted, except for staff error.

6.   I will commit my child to arriving in a timely manner and attending all practices and games for the entire season.  I will notify the coach if my child cannot attend a practice or a game as soon as possible.

7.   I understand that if my child misses more than two games, for reasons other than injury or illness, he/she will not be eligible for any Postseason Play - League, All Star, or other Tournament Teams.

8.  I will make sure that all trash and recyclables are taken home and NOT left in practice or playing field trash cans.   (We are not permitted to use the trash cans at the fields.)

9.   I understand that each U10-U14 Coach will select a player(s) who best represents his/her team to participate in a Thanksgiving Tournament. This is a separate activity from postseason All Star and Tournament Teams.

10. I understand that Region 69 advocates and expects exemplary behavior from all of its participants and shall take appropriate action, which may include suspension or expulsion, for any violations.  You will be required to sign and submit the Kid Zone Pledge to your coach prior to September 12th.   http://www.ayso69.org/images/kz-logo-IBM%20(2).jpg

11. I understand that to complete the registration process, I must go online and

∑     complete and e-sign the eAYSO Player Registration Form and the eAYSO Volunteer Form.

∑     pay REGISTRATION FEE online or mail payment.

∑     pay SPONSOR/CONTRIBUTION FEE online if applicable or mail payment

∑     New players, or those who did not complete last season, must bring one copy of each form and proof of age to the ONSITE REGISTRATION date

(see www.ayso69.org for date and location).  Returning Players will Submit Player Registration Form to the coach in August or September.

∑     New players U8 and older must also be evaluated (check website www.ayso69.org ).   

∑     U16/U19 Players must submit 2 color  photos, and a copy of proof of age.

12. All REFUND REQUESTS must be made in writing and sent to 150 South Barrington Ave. #2, Los Angeles, CA 90049.  Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope, the playerís name, birth date, address, and to whom the refund check should be issued to. There is a $25 handling fee to process refund requests.  If the Region is unable to place my child on a team, my check will be returned, or I will be given a FULL REFUND.

        A FULL REFUND (less $25) shall be given if the request is postmarked by  July 1st, 2015

        A 50% REFUND (less $25) shall be given if the request is postmarked by August 15th, 2015.  


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