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To the Families of Returning and Prospective Players                                                                        



As AYSO enters its 51st year with close to 650,000 children participating in over 1,000 local programs, I am proud to acknowledge that our local program, Region 69 ws named AYSO's REGION OF THE YEAR for the outstanding programs offered during the 2012-2013 season.  Every Region 69 volunteer made this possible – Thank you!


AYSO is celebrating its 50th year with many activities to watch for.  May 3rd is the Nationwide Soccerfest.  We’ll be celebrating with various activities and On-Site Registration at Paul Revere Middle School.


Please read the online Registration Procedures as they have changed this year.  If you do not have a computer, the Palisades Public Library on Alma Real Drive has free-online access for public use.  Please bring your library card. 


We are now using e-signature, which means we no longer have to store hard copies of the Player and Volunteer Forms.  We are not collecting any forms from Returning players (those who played in the Fall of 2013) at Registration. The coach will have unsigned Player Registration forms for each returnig player for a parent to sign at the Fall team meeting if the parent forgets to bring a copy of the e-signed form,  as the coach will still be required to have a hard copy with a “wet signature” for all players at every practice and game.  Kid Zones pledge forms will also be collected at this meeting.  We will require a hard copy of the Player Registration Form for NEW players as well as former players who did not play in the Fall 2013 season and NEW Volunteers at the ONSITE Registration for Identification purposes.


Each family will be required to electronically submit at least one Volunteer Form, even if you select “other” as a choice.  If you are a returning parent who is completing the Volunteer Form for the first time, you may mail it in along with a copy of your Driver’s License to AYSO Region 69, 150 South Barrington Ave, #2, Los Angeles, CA  90049.


We accept online credit card payments of the $265 registration fee, donations and team sponsorships.  Look for the payment option on eAYSO AFTER you complete the player information screen.  Smaller contributions and Field Sponsorships must be paid by check, as the system doesn’t accommodate more amounts.  You may also make payment by check and mail to the above address by the April 15th deadline IF YOU ARE A RETURNING PLAYER.  Should you decide to pay for a sponsorship or make a donation AFTER your child is "registered" by the region, you should return to ths page and look for the "sign up for another Program" option in the left column of the Welcome Page.



The AYSO Extra program is a competitive soccer league, starting in the Fall,  designed to provide a higher level of play for those players who possess the appropriate skills, abilities, and drive.  Games will be played with other regions from Area P as well as from Areas C, D and F.  The Extra program is designed to enhance each player's experience and individual growth through the game of soccer while retaining the spirit, organization and six philosophies of AYSO: Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams (balanced through competitive bracketing), Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship, and Player Development. 


Tryouts for the Fall 2014 season have already taken place and teams are now being formed.




The VIP Program (Very Important Players) provides a quality soccer experience for children and adults whose physical or mental disabilities make it difficult to successfully participate on mainstream teams.  The program is held Saturday mornings at the Calvary Christian School field. 




Our U5 players has been very successful. There will be a one hour practice one day during the week through the end of October, just as in U6.  On Saturday, there will be a one hour time slot for practice and a game experience.  Our trainers work with the players for the first 30 minutes, then a 5 minute snack break, followed by a 20-minute game, broken into quarters with a 5 minute break at halftime.  Players are expected to arrive 5 minutes prior to the time assigned (no earlier) so they are ready when the trainers begin.




Our Regional Staff has been working with local, state, and federal officials to secure and improve our limited field space.  Our challenge continues to be the cost of field space rental, maintenance, and improvements. 


We are asking for funds to contribute toward the rising cost of field rental, along with maintenance and improvement of all of the fields. Your continued generous sponsorships and contributions are MOST appreciated.  Those who contribute $2,500 or more will receive special recognitionWe urgently need your donations this year.


TEAM SPONSORSHIPS : $500 / player. $1,000 / 2 players.  $1,500 / 3 players

DONATIONS : Smaller amounts




In order to provide safety and fairness at each game, the region needs approximately 300 referees to be trained and certified (one parent from every 5 families). 



AYSO’s vision is to provide world-class youth soccer programs that enrich children’s lives.  AYSO's mission is to develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs where everyone builds positive character through participation in a fun, family environment based on these six fundamental principals:  Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship and Player Development.



All Coaches and Referees must be trained and certified to comply with AYSO’s  SAFE HAVEN Policy, and there must be a ratio of 1 adult per 8 players at practices and games.  The SAFE HAVEN Policy complies with the CHILD PROTECTION ACT OF 1993 (volunteer screening) and the VOLUNTEER PROTECTION ACT OF 1997 (this provides protection to volunteers from lawsuits as long as they are trained and certified, following their job description, and are acting within the scope of AYSO’s policies, procedures, and guidelines.)   All new volunteers will be required to  complete the VOLUNTEER  APPLICATION FORM, showing a driver’s license at the onsite registration at Paul Revere.  

AYSO's Safe Haven course and the CDC Concussion Awareness Training program are now MANDATORY for all coaches, assistant coaches, referees, board members and team parents.  It is strongly recommended that ALL parents take these courses (which are online and take less than 1 hour each).  Login with your eAYSO Volunteer ID number, which can be found in the lower left corner of the Welcome page at www.eayso.org.  Then go to www.aysotraining.org.  Login there with your ID Number and name.  Click SAFE HAVEN.  Select and complete the course or courses.  It will be worth your while.  Once completed, you see the course(s) recorded in your eAYSO Vounteer record under "CERTIFICATIONS".  




Please read the Registration Agreement carefully, and keep it for reference during the season.  Your e-signature on the online Player Registration Form acknowledges that you have read and understand its terms.




Your child is assigned to an age division according to the chart below.   Boys and girls are separated in ALL divisions.  Please note that DATE OF BIRTH is the criterion, NOT SCHOOL GRADE.












Born on or after 


 on or before




















Children who did not play or complete last season must register on Saturday May 3rd (Priority), Sunday May 18th or Saturday June 7th from 3-5 pm at Paul Revere Middle School.  A parent or guardian must pre-register the Player(s) and Volunteer(s) online and bring 1 copy of each form, fees, and proof of age to the field.  U8 and older Players will be evaluated at that time.


Players who register on May 18th, June 7th or later may be placed on a waiting list until there are enough players and a coach to form another team, referee representation, and there is practice & game space for the team. Consult the website, www.ayso69.org, for information on applications after June 8th.  It will be the responsibility of the family to arrange for new player evaluations and registrations after June 8th.  Information regarding locations and dates will be posted after June 1st.  Evaluations are usually held at Brentwood Science Magnet at 3:30 on stated weekdays during the summer.




The registration fee is $265 for the first child, $530 for two children, and $795 for three or more children from the same family.  The fee includes a uniform consisting of jersey, shorts, and socks; team and individual pictures; trophies or pins, medals and other awards; insurance and other services from AYSO, Inc.  A portion of our revenue pays for meeting room space, equipment storage, field rental, maintenance and improvement, office supplies, team supplies and equipment, referee supplies and equipment, printing, postage, and telephone and website costs, training and education, as well as other items that are needed to run our program.  There are additional fees should your player participate in the “EXTRA” Program or Tournament Season.


Should the payment of fees present a financial hardship, partial SCHOLARSHIP AID is available.  Please apply directly to the Regional Commissioner Janet Anderson for such assistance.


Should it be necessary for you to withdraw your child from the program after registration, please refer to the REGISTRATION AGREEMENT - REFUND POLICY. 




As your Regional Commissioner, I look forward to working with each of you in making this a successful and enjoyable season for all.  We encourage you to become involved with our program.  New suggestions, ideas and your energy are always welcome. Should you have any further questions, comments, or concerns about the program, please consult our website –  www.ayso69.org , email us at info@ayso69.org, or write to our business address.   We will be happy to answer you.


Yours in Soccer,


Janet Anderson

Regional Commissioner


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