Region 69 strongly encourages the coach to allow U10-U12 players to experience both offensive and defensive positions during the course of the season.

  1. The coach MUST have a signed  Player Registration Form for each player on the team in his possession for every practice, game, or AYSO team event.

  2. All games must  be played with the players on the official team roster.  Should there not be enough players to field a team, and the 2 teams wish to play for fun, the team with not enough players may borrow players from the other team with the permission of the center referee, and the game shall  be recorded as a 0-1 forfeit for the team short of players. 

  3. During all games of the regular season, including the Regional Playoff Tournament, all players shall play a minimum of three quarters of each game.  Exceptions to this rule are:

    1. For players who are persistently late, absent, or disruptive at  practice, and only with the WRITTEN  approval of the Division Commissioner prior to game.


    2. For players who arrive at a game already in progress.


    3. If the team has 15 (10 in DIV U10) or more players present at the game.  In this case, no player shall sit out  two quarters  for more than one game during the regular season until ALL players have had their turn sitting out two quarters.  The rotation of players sitting out  two quarters begins again with the Regional Playoff Tournament.

    Under the above exceptions, affected players must play a minimum  of one-half of every game, unless otherwise specified by AYSO.


  4. VIOLATION OF  RULE “A”  WILL RESULT IN A FORFEIT OF A WIN OR A TIE, “BELOW”   IN SPORTSMANSHIP, and possible exclusion from Playoffs.

  5. During all regular season games,  including the Regional Playoff Tournament, goalkeepers in  Div. U10 and U12  MUST play at  least one quarter in a field position.

  6. In Division U14, there are no restrictions  on maximum goalkeeper playing time.

  7. ELIGIBLE TEAMS     Divisions  U10, U12, and U14 will participate in a Regional Playoff Tournament to determine which team will represent the Region in  Area P. U10, U12 and U14 may advance to  Section I post season play.

    To be eligible to participate in the Regional Playoffs, each  team  must be in good  standing and  must  provide coverage for at least 18 referee assignment during the regular season  by TRAINED and CERTIFIED referees.  League  record **  will be used to determine seeding. These teams  MUST be  approve by the Regional Commissioner.  Any team in poor sportsmanship standing (consistently  below average), or any team on probation, will be ineligible for this,or any other tournament.

  8. Sportsmanship will be recorded as Above, Average, or Below.  Based on those markings, the Division Commissioner will determine winning teams to be invited to the Region Sportsmanship Party at the end of the season.

**In the event of a tie between eligible teams,

  1. The first tie-breaker will be HEAD-TO-HEAD COMPETITION.

  2. The second tie-breaker will be GOAL DIFFERENTIAL - "goals for" minus "goals against" with a maximum of "plus three"    differential per game.

  3. The third tie-breaker will be a coin Toss.