Lightning Policy and Procedures

The referee, Field Monitor, Game Committee member and/or other official involved with the Games will be aware of the possibility of lightning in the area. Referees also are trained to count the seconds between seeing lightning and hearing thunder. If this time is less than 30 seconds, the referee or other official will immediately suspend the game and all persons should seek shelter immediately. Activities may resume only when a Games official gives the go ahead. In most cases, activities may be resumed when lightning or thunder has NOT been observed for thirty minutes.

Areas considered safe

a.       Inside a fully enclosed metal vehicle with windows up

b.      Inside a substantial building (roof and four walls)

Unsafe Areas

a.       Small buildings including picnic shelters and the open area of a concession stand

b.      Anywhere near metallic objects like flagpoles, soccer goals, metal bleachers, electric equipment

c.       Open fields, trees and water

Open area without shelter

a.       Avoid standing in groups

b.      Spread out to reduce risk

c.       Crouch on your feet, keep your head low

d.      Avoid being the tallest object

e.       Avoid lying on the ground

If a strike occurs to an individual

a.       Call 911

b.      If you are qualified to do so, apply First Aid or CPR immediately

c.       People struck by lightning do not carry an electrical charge and are safe to touch